09 November 2009

Xtreamer replaces my XBMC

Bought an Xtreamer media player to finally replace my trustworthy XBMC which has been running on a first gen Xbox for many years now.  The interface isn't very nice but it plays all formats I might ever want to play and can deal with HD formats including AVCHD from my camcorder and its only about £100.


  1. I wish XBMC ran on Xtreamer! The Xtreamer UI is kinda crap, though the hardware is pretty nice..

  2. Yeah UI is really bad compared to XBMC. Make sure you keep the xtreamer firmware up-to-date as there have been minor changes to the UI and my old firmware used to freeze occasionaly during playback of video.

  3. I totally agree with both of you. The Xtreamer UI is bog awful! Who the hell thought up and a black and red interface anyway? I miss my xbmc interface!