27 February 2024

The Most Important Daily Habits For Health & Longevity - Modern Wisdom with Dr Rhonda Patrick

Dr Rhonda Patrick is an biomedical scientist, researcher and a podcaster. Determining the best actions to take for enhancing our health and extending our lives has grown more challenging. There are an unlimited number of wellness approaches at our disposal, thankfully Dr Patrick has dedicated her professional life to identifying the most evidence-based strategies for improving our health and longevity. Expect to learn if low omega 3s are worse for you than smoking cigarettes, what Rhonda’s thoughts are on vaping and nicotine, the best foods to boost your metabolism, the once a week workout that can de-age your heart by 20 years, how to get the benefits of heat exposure if you don’t have a sauna, the terrifying health risks of being too sedentary and much more…

14 February 2024

How to Improve Oral Health & Its Critical Role in Brain & Body Health - Dr Andrew Huberman

Dr Andrew Huberman discusses the importance of oral health for dental and microbiome health and general physical and mental well-being. He explains science-supported protocols for strengthening your teeth and gums, including how to remineralize your teeth. He covers the best approaches and timing for brushing and flossing, tongue, gum, and oral microbiome care and how oral health is critically important to offset metabolic, cardiac, and brain diseases, including dementia. He also discusses proper nutrition for oral health, fluoride, and how sugar and mouth breathing can accelerate tooth decay. This episode ought to be of interest to everyone seeking to improve their physical health, mental health, and lifespan, given the critical role that oral health plays in all of these.

00:00:00 Oral Health
00:03:28 Sponsors: Mateina, ROKA & Helix Sleep
00:07:13 Oral Health Quiz
00:13:53 Teeth Biology, Cavity Repair
00:20:01 Mouth, Gums, Saliva
00:27:23 Sponsor: AG1
00:28:51 Cavity Formation, Bacteria, Sugar, Acidity
00:35:10 Teeth Remineralization, Fluoride, Water
00:42:57 Sponsor: InsideTracker
00:43:58 Tools: The “Do Nots” of Oral Health, Mouth Breathing
00:54:48 Tools: Fasting & Teeth Remineralization; Nighttime Toothbrushing
01:03:23 Proper Teeth Brushing; Tooth Sensitivity & Gums
01:08:16 Bacteria, Plaque & Tartar; Tooth Polishing
01:11:02 Proper Flossing Technique, Waterpik; Children & Flossing
01:14:23 Tool: Xylitol, Bacteria & Cavity Prevention
01:19:43 Toothpastes: Xylitol, Fluoride, Hydroxyapatite
01:22:38 Mouthwash & Alcohol, Antiseptic Mouthwash
01:26:29 Tools: Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide?, Salt Water Rinse
01:32:36 Alcohol-Based Mouthwash, Nitric Oxide
01:34:52 Tools: Canker Sore Prevention & Gut Microbiome; Sleep
01:37:47 Tools: Tongue Brushing; Toothbrush Care
01:41:38 Teeth Sealants; Metal Fillings, Mercury, Mastic Gum; Root Canals
01:48:43 Dentist Visits, Daily Routines & Oral Health
01:54:17 Practices for Oral Health, Oil Pulling
01:58:21 Outro

09 February 2024

A Playbook for Better Parenting and Relationships - The Knowledge Project with Dr Becky Kennedy

Everybody seemingly has some sort of problem they’re trying to “parent” out of their kids - they aren’t responsible, they won’t listen, they’re disrespectful - but what if every problem was caused by a few simple things? How would that change your approach to parenting and other relationships?

In this episode, Dr. Becky Kennedy shares insights on your relationship with your partner, regulating your emotions, setting screen time boundaries, and how parents get in the way. Almost everything she shares applies not just to parenting but to every relationship in your life - with your partner, your kids, your colleagues, and your customers.

You’ll learn how to frame things differently, repair a relationship after a heated argument, the three steps to regulate emotions, the key to unlocking the next level in all your relationships, and how to identify the core problems that trickle turn messy situations and how to fix them.

02 February 2024

The Lifetime Problem With Being A “Nice Guy” - Modern Wisdom with Dr Robert Glover

Dr Robert Glover is a therapist, coach and an author. Being nice is something many of us aspire to become. After all, who doesn’t want to be nice? Well Nice Guy Syndrome has been ruining the lives of many men for decades, so perhaps we should aspire to be something else. Expect to learn what is actually wrong with being a nice guy, why men become so afraid of putting their needs first, how to stop people pleasing without being a bad guy, why nice guys end up resentful and bitter, whether nice guys attract or repel women and much more…

01 February 2024

Unspoken expectations are premeditated resentments - Neil Strauss

Unspoken expectations are premeditated resentments - Neil Strauss.