30 July 2010

Maven Versions Plugin

Versions Maven Plugin - Usage
The plugin offers goals for updating the versions of artifacts referenced in a Maven pom.xml file.

UBS Hires Foreign-Exchange Algorithmic-Trading Team From Barclays Capital

UBS Hires Foreign-Exchange Algorithmic-Trading Team From Barclays Capital - Bloomberg
UBS AG said it hired a foreign- exchange algorithmic-trading team from Barclays Capital.

UBS hired Chris Purves as global head of foreign-exchange e-trading, Mark Meredith as head of foreign-exchange e-trading quantitative analytics and Parwinder Sekhon as head of foreign- exchange e-trading infrastructure, the Swiss bank said in an e- mailed statement.

The team will begin work in London in October and report to Chris Vogelgesang and Arie Adler, co-heads of global foreign- exchange trading, UBS said.

A Barclays spokeswoman declined to comment when contacted at the company’s London office.

25 July 2010

Manipulating Collections With Lambdaj's Fluent Interface

Manipulating Collections With a Fluent Interface | Javalobby
Lambdaj is a Java library that allows you to manipulate collections in a declarative way. In particular its API is designed to be easily combined in more complex single statements...

16 July 2010

Portware Unveils FX 5.0 Trading Platform « A-Team Group

Portware Unveils FX 5.0 Trading Platform « A-Team Group
Portware FXLM. Portware’s new FX TCA and post trade analytics package is a powerful reporting toolset that gives traders increased visibility into their trading performance. Portware FX users can benchmark their strategy’s performance, and the performance of their liquidity providers, against any number of absolute or calculated data points. FXLM allows users to gauge slippage by comparing executions to Weighted Average Price (WAP) arrival time calculations; compare trading strategy results to single broker RFQ prices; view a breakdown of liquidity found at each trading destination for each order; and analyze the performance of liquidity providers, either on a real-time basis or via comprehensive month end reporting.

05 July 2010

Are You A Starter, A Finisher Or An Implementer?

Are You A Starter, A Finisher Or An Implementer? | Javalobby... sounds like its best to be a starter, implementer and a finisher, not so sure its good to break these roles up.
For example, lots of people have ideas. Ideas are easy because they require very little risk. But, what happens after the idea? You are supposed to start the project. However, most people stop with the idea because they “don’t have time” or even “I wouldn’t know where to begin”. Kat French explains how she does her best creative work: the super-secret, hush-hush, “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you” secret of how I do my best creative work. Ready? It’s called “starting.”

Using Systems Thinking to Improve Service Performance | Javalobby

02 July 2010

Exegy Tickerplant hits 3,245,070 messages per second for MarketDataPeaks website

MarketDataPeaks Makes New High in Busy Market: "Exegy, Inc., the market data appliance company announced today that the Exegy Ticker Plant driving the MarketDataPeaks web site hit 3,245,070 messages per second. This is a new record and surpasses the previous high water mark of 2,808,532 mps reached on 6 May 2010 during the flash crash.

Converting avi to mp4 on linux

Recently I needed to convert some avi files to mp4, on linux, so that I could push them to my ipad. Here is the command I used:

/usr/local/bin/handbrake/HandBrakeCLI -i ${file} -o ${file}.mp4 --preset="Normal" --cpu 3

Note you first need to install Handbrake CLI. I took a 64 bit Centos build from here.