28 September 2022

Happiness, Confidence, Confrontation and Rumination - Knowledge For Men

How to be Happy. An excellent definition of happiness. First decide in which directions you want your life to go. Then happiness is the feeling you have when you are moving in those directions, making progress, moving in alignment with your goals. Thus happiness is not itself an end-state, nor is it achieved by hitting other end-states or goals. Instead it is part of the journey or progress of your life in the right direction.

How to increase confidence. Confidence is defined as feeling sure of yourself and your abilities to handle a situation:

How to deal with confrontation:

How to stop ruminating:

22 September 2022

Gender Through the Eyes of a Primatologist - Dr Jordan Peterson with Frans de Waal

An interesting podcast discussing how gender/sex differences affect humans with reference to what has been learned from primates and other animal species.

16 September 2022

It's never to early to start

Many modern lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes or dementia, do not suddenly occur in old age. They are formed in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. It is only that the symptoms become significant in old age.

To help prevent them, you need to focus on good sleep, healthy eating (eating less processed food, eating more diverse food, drinking less alcohol...), regular exercise and participating in good social relationships throughout your adult life. What you do in your earlier life sows the seeds for your later life, so don't wait for tomorrow to make changes.

I am who I think you think I am

I heard a great quote today:

"I am not who I think I am. I am not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am." - Charles Cooley

Given our perception of someone else's perception may drive who you think you are, think hard about who you want to be, who you feel you are and how you are influenced by yourself and others. Your identity, or more specifically your perception of your identity, is a critical asset, so make sure you don't sleep-walk into who you think you are. Direct your thinking into what achieves the best outcome.

15 September 2022

The Liver King - The Diary of a CEO

Quite enjoyed listening to this podcast with The Liver King. Don't agree with everything said but lots of good points raised:

Finding Balance In A Dopamine Overloaded World - Dr Rangan Chatterjee with Dr Anna Lembke

13 September 2022

How Humans Select And Keep Romantic Partners In The Short And Long Term - Dr Andrew Huberman with Dr David Buss

and also The Hidden Psychology of Sexual Conflict - Modern Wisdom with David Buss:

05 September 2022

The Benefits of Sauna - Dr Rhonda Patrick

Huberman Lab podcasts related to sleep - Dr Andrew Huberman

Sleep is absolutely critical to our health, far more than many realise. Here are a great set of podcasts to help understand sleep in more detail and figure out how to improve sleep:

Dr Matthew Walker on "The Science and Practise of Perfecting Your Sleep"

Dr Andrew Huberman on "Sleep Toolkit: Tools For Optimizing Sleep & Sleep-Wake Timing"

04 September 2022

How to Build a Happy Life - How To Identify What You Enjoy Podcast

What Alcohol Does To Your Body, Brain & Health Podcast - Dr Andrew Huberman

Sometimes ignorance is better than the devil you know. I wish I hadn't listened to Dr Andrew Huberman's talk on the impact of alcohol, even for average alcohol consumption. Unfortunately I can't undo it now, for anyone else interested...