09 February 2024

A Playbook for Better Parenting and Relationships - The Knowledge Project with Dr Becky Kennedy

Everybody seemingly has some sort of problem they’re trying to “parent” out of their kids - they aren’t responsible, they won’t listen, they’re disrespectful - but what if every problem was caused by a few simple things? How would that change your approach to parenting and other relationships?

In this episode, Dr. Becky Kennedy shares insights on your relationship with your partner, regulating your emotions, setting screen time boundaries, and how parents get in the way. Almost everything she shares applies not just to parenting but to every relationship in your life - with your partner, your kids, your colleagues, and your customers.

You’ll learn how to frame things differently, repair a relationship after a heated argument, the three steps to regulate emotions, the key to unlocking the next level in all your relationships, and how to identify the core problems that trickle turn messy situations and how to fix them.