26 December 2006

Bhavaya-like products

Gemstone GemFire Real-Time Events see TheServerSide.com Thread
Tangosol Coherence Continuous Query

For those who don't know, one of the aims of Bhavaya is to allow for users to specify the data they want as criteria (which is ultimately translated to sql queries, much like Hibernate), the library will then return a collection of beans matching this criteria and then keep this collection current as data in the database is changed, for example, beans may be inserted, updated or deleted from the collection. The collection fires events to listeners to inform them of changes to its elements. Bhavaya focuses on efficiency, by applying deltas to the collection without hitting the database again, this allows for efficient distributed, observable caches of data.


  1. You may also want to take a look at GigaSpaces.

    Geva Perry

  2. And more specifically i would point to our new LocalView feature which provides continues queries using SQL syntax and built-in support for handling slow consumers.

    Nati S.

  3. Hi Parwy,

    Thanks for the mention of Coherence.

    I'd be glad to hear if you are adding any integration functionality with Coherence.

    Also, are you working with Dresdner?


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol Coherence: The Java Data Grid

  4. Hey Cameron,
    Not doing anything with Coherence. I worked at Dresdner and wrote Bhavaya with a couple of other guys, while I was there, hence the interest. At the time (5 years ago) we couldn't find anything else on the market that covered these requirements.