10 May 2009

BashSupport Intellij IDEA plugin

Bash support for IntelliJ 8.1. Features:
* (Almost) complete support for Bash 3.2
* Structure view (shows functions)
* "Go to declaration" for functions and variables
* "Rename..." for functions and variables
* Ctrl+Q (Quick documentation lookup) for internal and external commands
* Highlight usages in file for functions and variables
* Advanced syntax highlighting and configuration
* Code folding
* Line commenting / uncommenting
* Brace matching
* Supported file extensions .sh and .bash

Planned features / changes:
* Full support for Bash 3.2 syntax
* Mode for Bash 4.0 parsing
* Improved code folding
* Basic code completion
* Support for the calculation mode of Bash
* Run scripts in console window
* Highlighting of backquotes and variables in strings
* Quickfix actions for most common code problems