01 July 2009

StackProbe - a new Java profiler

StackProbe - a new Java profiler
StackProbe can connect to local or remote applications through JMX without causing too much overhead, while giving accurate results. It periodically takes snapshots of threads stacktraces and analyzes them in real time. The main advantages of this technique are:

* You can control overhead by dynamically adjusting the sampling rate.
* There is no risk of breaking the production system - no code is ever modified.
* The slight slowdown caused by sampling is distributed evenly between all methods in the code, so the relative values reported by the profiler are very accurate.
* StackProbe is able to estimate the statistical error of reported results. This is actually the first profiler to do this.
* The profiler is ready to work just after establishing a JMX connection.
* No special agents are required to be installed on the remote side.
* You can observe first results very early, just when the first few samples arrive.

StackProbe is free for open-source projects. More information and an online demo can be found at http://www.stackprobe.com/.