16 August 2009

Backing up files to a remote site

Recently I changed ISP and lost access to a ftp server that I used to upload critical files, from my server every night, via an automated job. I have now replaced this with some free space at box.net that I can access via webdav. I use davfs2 to mount this space as a normal directory on my linux machine and can then simply copy files to it. The setup process on a centos machine is:

yum install fuse dkms-fuse davfs2
modprobe fuse
edit /etc/davfs2/secrets and insert "http://www.box.net/dav boxnetusername boxnetpassword"
edit /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf and insert "use_locks 0"
mkdir /media/box.net
mount -t davfs http://www.box.net/dav /media/box.net