19 December 2009

How To Be A Successful Developer | Javalobby

How To Be A Successful Developer | Javalobby
* Always strive to improve yourself and learn more.
* Share information freely with others — be generous.
* Focus on developing good working relationships with your coworkers, both technical staff and others.
* Effective communication, both written and spoken is crucial.
* Get involved in open source.
* Be precise.
* Deliver on commitments, or if you need to renegotiate your commitments.
* In everything that you do, do it with integrity.

Almost none of these have anything to do with knowledge of technology. I believe that social aspects have far more impact on success than anything else. Of course being knowledgeable helps too, however what's more important than knowing a specific technology is being able to pick up the knowledge that you need, when you need it.

A few things that I missed in my response because I take them for granted:

* Have passion for what you do.
* Strive for excellence.
* Avoid being self-righteous.