01 January 2010

Takeaways on Responsive Design | Javalobby

Takeaways on Responsive Design | Javalobby
In my opinion, knowing what you know well and what you don't know is important. Good designers usually have good instinct in sensing between the "known" and "unknown" and adjust the flexibility of his design along the way as more information is gathered.

As more information is gathered, the dynamics of "change anticipation" also evolves. Certain parts of your system has reduced its anticipated changes due to less unknowns so now you can trade off some flexibility for efficiency or simplicity. On the other hand, you may discover that certain parts of the system has increased its anticipated changes and so even more flexibility is needed.

One important aspect when design a system is not just by looking at what the end result should be, but also look at what the evolution path of the system should look like. The key idea is that a time dimension is introduced here and the overall cost and risk should be summed along the time dimension.

In other words, it is not about whether you have designed a solution that finally meet the business requirement. What is important is how your solution bring value to the business as it evolves over time. A good design is a live animal that can breath and evolve together with your business.