02 April 2010


zeromq: Fastest. Messaging. Ever.
What is ØMQ?

Imagine pipes that connect your app to many other apps. That lets you talk using a simple socket API. From any language and on any OS. Really fast, that gets out of your way. It's like TCP on steroids!

* ØMQ is a lightweight messaging implementation with a socket-style API.
* Sends and receives messages asynchronously (a.k.a. "message queueing").
* Supports different messaging patterns such as point-to-point, publish-subscribe, request-reply, paralellized pipeline and more.
* Is fast. 13.4 usec end-to-end latencies and over 8M messages a second today (Infiniband).
* Is thin. The core requires just a couple of pages in resident memory.
* Is open source, LGPL-licensed software written in C++.
* Has bindings for many different languages (see the "Languages" section on left).
* Supports different transport protocols: TCP, PGM, IPC, and more.
* Runs on HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X, NetBSD, OpenVMS, Solaris, Windows, and more.
* Supports microarchitectures such as x86, AMD64, SPARC, IA-64, ARM and more.
* Is fully distributed: no central servers to crash, millions of WAN and LAN nodes.

ØMQ aims to turn messaging patterns as 1st class citizens of the Internet.

Compare to:

* TCP: message based, messaging patterns rather than stream of bytes.
* Jabber: do not confuse instant messaging with real messaging.
* AMQP: 100x faster to do the same work and with no brokers (and 278 pages less spec).
* IPC: we abstract across boxes not a single machine.
* CORBA: we do not enforce horrible complex message formats on you.
* RPC: 0MQ is totally asynchronous, and lets you add/remove participants at any time.
* RFC 1149: a lot faster!
* 29west LBM: we're free software!
* IBM Low-latency: we're free software!
* Tibco: we're still free software!