07 March 2011

Chronon... A 'flight data recorder' for Java programs

Introducing Chronon: The Time Travelling Debugger for Java | Javalobby
Chronon is a revolutionary new technology that consists of:

* A 'flight data recorder' for Java programs which can record every line of code executed inside a program and save it to a file on the disk. The file can be shared among developers and played back in our special time travelling debugger to instantly find the root cause of an issue. This also means that no bugs ever need to be reproduced!

* A Time Travelling Debugger, with a novel UI that plugs seamlessly into Eclipse, which allows you to playback the recordings. It not only step back and forward but to any point in the execution of your program.

Chronon marks the begining of the end of 'Non-Reproducible bugs'. A Chronon recording can be shared among all the members of your team and they can debug an issue in parallel. We see Chronon being used all the way from Development, QA to ultimately running full time in Production.