09 April 2011

Centos 5.6

The CentOS team is pleased to announce the availability of CentOS 5.6. Major changes in CentOS 5.6 compared to CentOS 5.5 include:

ext4 is now a fully supported file system
libvirt was updated to 0.8.2
bind was updated to 9.7 and supports NSEC3 now.
ebtables was added
php53 is available as a php replacement.
System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) has been added.

Other upgrades include newer version of several wireless drivers, Samba3x, ghostscript, LVM, mod_nss, subversion and gcc, plus others.
Update process from 5.5:
  • yum clean all
  • yum update glibc\*
  • yum update yum\* rpm\* pyth\*
  • yum clean all
  • yum update mkinitrd nash
  • yum update selinux\*
  • yum update
  • shutdown -r now