05 October 2023

The Terrifying Impact Of Single-Parent Households - Modern Wisdom with Melissa Kearney

Melissa Kearney is a University of Maryland economist professor, and an author known for her research in the field of economic demography. Declining marriage and birth rates frequently dominate discussions about the future of society, but what is the impact of separated parents on the kids who grow up in these homes? Melissa has spent years assessing the data, and her findings are absolutely terrifying.

Expect to learn how single-parent households are massively worsening class divides, what happens to kids who grow up with only one parent, what is driving the decline in American marriage rates, what Melissa is hearing from both men & women who don’t want to marry, just how many of the problems we’re seeing in the modern world are downstream from single-parent households, whether the decline in marriage and birth rate are at all correlated, what can be done about this issue and much more...

00:00:00 Response to Melissa’s Book
00:02:27 What Has Been Happening to Marriage Rates?
00:07:46 How College Degrees Are Influencing Childbirth & Marriage Rates
00:14:52 Are Women Misjudging What Men Want?
00:25:30 Why Are Declining Marriages a Bad Thing?
00:30:20 Differences in Kids Raised in Two-Parent & One-Parent Homes
00:41:35 Cohabiting Vs Marriage
00:50:25 The Lack of Substitute Father Figures for Boys
00:58:30 Consequences of Eroding Chivalrous Norms
01:08:24 How Many of Societal Problems Are Due to Single-Parent Households?
01:10:10 The Connection Between Marriage Rates & Birth Rates
01:20:25 Melissa’s Interventions to Increase Marriage Rates
01:28:30 Where to Find Melissa