29 November 2008

Another Java Excel library

Came across another Java library for Excel, from TeamDev who seem to produce an interesting range of products

TeamDev — Java components & Java libraries. Java web components, Java AWT component, Java graph library & Java lib & API
# JNIWrapper enables access to native libraries and components from Java code without using JNI. The technology supports Windows platforms, Mac OS X (Mac PPC/Intel) and multiple Linux platforms.
# ComfyJ provides bi-directional communication between the Java platform and COM technologies (Java – COM Bridge), in pure Java language.
# JExplorer enables you to embed Microsoft Internet Explorer into Java applications as either a visual or non-visual component. It gives you full access to the native browser API, while requiring no specific knowledge of COM technology. It’s easy to integrate Java & Internet Explorer using JExplorer.
# JExcel enables effective integration of Microsoft Excel workbooks and spreadsheets into Swing-based applications. This is a powerful Java Excel bridge.
# WinPack is a free add-on to JNIWrapper enabling access to the Windows native API and libraries from Java code, entirely in the Java language.
# JxCapture is a cross-platform library providing a comprehensive Java screen capture API.
# JxBrowser enables seamless integration of Mozilla Firefox browser into Java AWT/Swing applications on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (Intel and PPC-based) platforms. JxBrowser makes creation of a powerful Java browser is easy and simple.