03 November 2008

SuperScheduler - Java scheduling library

Main features of Super Scheduler

* It fully supports distributed computing environment. You can schedule and run tasks on any machine in the network at any time, either on application server machines or on client machines. Many instances of Super Scheduler can run at the same time while a task will run once and only once at the scheduled time. All instances of Super Scheduler share up-to-date information automatically and promptly (default is two seconds).
* It fails-over. If any instance of Super Scheduler is down or busy, others will pick up the tasks.
* It is scalable. if one instance of Super Scheduler is too busy, you can always add another machine to run another instance of Super Scheduler. All instances of Super Scheduler load-balance themselves in a natural way.
* It provides Doer and Talker modes, allowing tasks be fully managed and monitored anywhere in the world.
* It supports many types jobs: Email, FTP, Java, and Operating System. It also supports workflow job, composite job and retry job as well.
* It detects missed tasks and sends alarm email messages.
* It has a built-in GUI tool for scheduling and monitoring tasks. Monitoring windows refresh themselves automatically and promptly. It allows you to suspend tasks, reactive tasks and run tasks immediately.
* It allows you to visually set Workflow job.
* It logs major task related events. It provides history facilities.
* It supports a running period for all tasks.
* A tasks runs on a desired machine if specified.
* All tasks can be programmatically controlled by simple Java API or any other program (like C/C++).
* It provides very flexible schedule terms: minutely, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, on specific week days and at specified times.
* It provides very comprehensive holiday/weekend policies and facilities providing choices of Next business day, Previous business day and Skip. Any change to holidays will take effect automatically and promptly.
* It provides a lightweight daemon for non graphic environment.
* It provides a Role Based Entitlement management.