16 July 2016

Six Tactics to Keep Your Kids From Becoming Too Materialistic


All parents want their children to grow up understanding that the best things in life are free, and that happiness has zilch to do with accumulating stuff. Getting kids to grasp these concepts, however, is more complicated than ever. That’s because many kids are raised with an expectation of entitlement when it comes to toys, clothes and other physical items.

The blame for this “I need it and deserve it” belief may also rest on exhausted parents giving in to their children’s desires. “Parents are tired and they do not want to spend the time they have with their kids fighting, so when children want things, they often don’t say no.”.

Show Them You Can Have Fun on the Cheap
Make Gratitude a Habit
Reward Kids With Special One-on-One Time
Be Careful With Your Own Materialistic Desires
Teach Kids to Pay It Forward
Spell Out Family Values