29 March 2024

The Gottman Doctors discuss how to improve your relationship with your partner - The Diary of a CEO with Dr John and Julie Gottman

Drs. John and Julie Gottman are world-leading relationship researchers, studying couples for over 40 years, and publishing over 200 academic journal articles and 46 books. They are the co-founders of The Gottman Institute and Love Lab.

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:43 What mission are you on & Why study love?
00:07:06 Studying traits of successful couples
00:09:03 Link between relationships & our health
00:12:51 What is the love lab?
00:15:41 The misconceptions about relationships
00:17:52 How to connect with your partner
00:27:44 What is the 'attuned' framework?
00:32:46 Why does typical couples therapy often fail?
00:35:17 The 7 Principles of a successful marriage
00:38:45 Do partners' dreams need to be aligned?
00:40:45 69% of our problems are not solvable
00:48:41 What to do when your partner wants to change you
00:51:19 The four horsemen
00:58:21 What is flooding?
01:03:31 What's a 'caretaker' in a relationship
01:06:31 Conflict misunderstandings
01:08:34 How to become a master at conflict resolution
01:11:41 How to repair/fix relationship issues
01:19:22 What have you learnt about the role of kissing
01:22:25 The role of sex in a relationship
01:29:58 Our society is becoming more sexless
01:32:18 Men struggling to figure out where they fit into society
01:37:50 What do women really want in a man?
01:39:59 Talking about sex makes your sex life better
01:44:30 Betrayal in a relationship
01:45:14 The traits that show a failing relationship
01:49:20 Asking your partner about their dreams
01:51:28 Advice to give a relationship its best shot
01:53:21 The most interesting conclusions from The Love Lab
01:55:39 What does Julie mean to you, John
01:56:36 What does John mean to you, Julie
01:58:38 Why did you write this book
01:59:54 The Last Guest's question