30 December 2023

Alain de Botton on Happiness, Love and Relationships - The Diary of a CEO with Alain de Botton

00:00:00 Intro
02:17:00 What Mission Are You On?
04:48:00 Mental Illness and Where It Comes From
08:25:00 Is Happiness Something We Be Should Chasing?
14:14:00 How The Modern World Is increasing Suicide Rates
21:04:00 The Modern World Is Shining A Light On Our Own Wrong Doings
21:07:00 What Is Romantic Love
26:18:00 Why People Have Daddy Issues
29:57:00 How Do We Become Aware Of Our Own Destructive Cycles?
37:56:00 Conflict Resolution
40:49:00 True Love and Total Honesty
42:17:00 Sexless Relationships aand How To Navigate Them
46:12:00 Why Does Sex Matter?
52:26:00 How Do We Stop Our Partners Getting Bored Of Us?
55:19:00 Core Habits A Long Last Relationship Needs
01:05:08 Can We Ever Truly Heal From Our Traumas?
01:07:18 The Power Of Distance In A Relationship
01:11:54 Ads
01:12:47 Why Did You Write A Book Called The Therapeutic Journey
01:20:44 What Is Resilience?
01:22:42 What Do You Hope People Will Learn From This Book?
01:25:44 The Last Guest's Question