08 December 2023

Esther Perel on Relationships and Sex - The Diary of a CEO with Esther Perel

00:03:02 Improving and Reviving People’s Relationships
00:06:17 The Impact of Childhood on Relationship Patterns
00:13:16 Navigating Couple Dynamics
00:24:41 Invest in Your Relationship
00:31:57 Reviving the Spark
00:34:51 The Words You Need To Use In Your Relationship
00:38:03 Transforming Conflict into Connection
00:46:36 Challenges of Connection in the Next Generations
00:49:27 Are Younger Generations Less Resilient?
00:51:19 Eroticism
00:56:44 Managing Expectations on Your Relationship
00:59:55 Romanticism in Relationships
01:02:17 The Power of Communication
01:06:25 Feminism, Gender Roles, and Sexual Dynamics
01:12:09 Are Couples Having Less Sex?
01:17:40 The Impact of Pornography on Relationships
01:19:42 Why Relationships Can Go Sexless For Years and How To Fix It
01:30:13 The Sex Game
01:35:56 The Real Reason People Cheat
01:42:41 Introducing New Things into Your Relationship
01:52:24 Actionable Advice for Couples